"It's about the love,

the emotion, and the connection that makes pet photography so amazing."

Debbie Smith - D. Smith Photos 



    12 years ago, an adorable Tri-colored Australian Shepherd entered my life. Little did I know that this puppy with no "shut off" switch would lead me into the world of photography and enrich my life in more ways than I can count. You see, Caiden was my little Tasmanian puppy, into everything, and I was at my wits end. I had never had a puppy with this much exuberance for life and I needed some guidance learning how to control all of that energy.  

    Seeking much needed help, Caiden and I found ourselves enrolled in obedience classes at Bella's K9 Academy in Elizabethtown, KY. Our instructor Bella Gaudette, was looking for someone to maintain her website and create a Facebook page for her business, and this is where I came in.

    Taking photos and writing articles for Bella's K9 website became my obsession. During our class and observing some of the other classes offered,  I was in awe as I would watch Bella interact with her students and their dogs.


    Bella is a "dog whisperer" and it's mesmerizing to watch this wonderful women do what she does best. I also became drawn to the wonderful connection dog lovers and owners have for their pets.


    A gentle touch to soft fur, watching a young puppy or adult dog look up at their owner with nothing but pure love as their owner looks back into their pets eyes, it's that type of connection that I strive to capture and share with you. And when I do capture "that moment in time" for you, it's a phenomenal feeling!


   I love being able to meet and make new friends as I venture on this wonderful journey and appreciate your taking a few minuets to stop by and visit my website. 


~Debbie Smith~



  • 45 minute photo shoot

  • 15-20 Photos for your viewing

  • Personal delivery of your final product

Includes Prints:

  1: 8x10

4: 5x7

3: 4x6

45 Minutes $125

  • 1 Hour photo shoot

  • 20-25 Photos for your viewing

  • Personal delivery of your final product

Includes Prints:

1: 11x14

1: 8x10

4: 5x7

3: 4x6

1 HOUR: $150.00


The sky is the limit, contact me to share your idea of the perfect shoot, I'll do my best to make it work for you!

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