What to expect when you get a photo shoot package?

What can you expect when setting up a session?


We will talk in length (in person or by phone) about where your pet is most comfortable. If your pet is more comfortable at home, we can certainly hold the session there. I want your pet to be relaxed and enjoy themselves. 


Is there a special place you and your pet enjoy going to? We can also discuss shooting at your favorite spot. Your dog may stay on leash if you're uncertain of how it will react in a different location from one it is accustomed to. 

Each session includes the following:

  • A lot of interaction, with yummy treats, tons of love and wonderful memories! Please feel free to bring your pet's favorite treats or favorite toy, your pet's comfort is my number one priority. 

  • Photo shoots could possibly require 1-3 hours (depending on the package you select), but I will take whatever time is necessary to get the best images I possibly can for you!

  • Once we are done with our session, I will go through the photographs that were taken and choose between 15-25 (depending on the package you select) edited photos for you to view on this website (under client viewing) for your review.

  • When you have chosen your favorite photos, I will do a final review of your photos and deliver the final product to you personally.

Other question?

Contact me and I will be glad to answer all your questions and guide you through our services.